Athletics Report 2014

Gage Gedult (u12 Discus)
Gage Gedult (u12 Discus)

What an exciting and astounding athletics season we had at REPS this year! After much practice in the blazing Cape Town Summer heat, our REPS athletics team participated in the Annual Inter-School Athletics event at Vygiekraal Stadium. And did they do us proud! Well done!


Of our team, 7 of our sterling athletes went through to participate in the Zonal (Champs-of-Champs) competition.

These athletes did exceptionally well and they are acknowledged for their participation and eagerness!


Kimberley Hammond (u12 150m)
Kimberley Hammond (u12 150m)

Of these 7 athletes, 2 of our athletes made it through to the next round, ie Western Province trials. We congratulate Kimberley Hammond (U12_150m) and Gage Gedult (U12_Discus) for achieving their Western Province colours for their respective events! What an outstanding achievement! REPS commends you on your tenacity, impetus and self-discipline! We wish you well for the years ahead! Keep striving and excelling!


Thank you to all the coaches involved in the training of these athletes! Thank you to all the parents of our athletes, your encouragement, support and motivation goes a long way!



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