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The Staff

 The Principal

MR Petersen 2

Deputy Principal

Mrs F Brocker

Mrs F Brocker

Management Staff

F Adams

Mrs F Adams- Acting Head of Department, Foundation Phase

Mrs G Bergman

Mrs G Bergman- Head of Department, academic developement Foundation Phase

Mr T Turner

Mr T Turner- Head of Department, Intermediate Phase

Secretarial  & Admin Staff

Mrs G Arendse

Mrs G Arendse- School Secretary


Ms A Buckton- Principal’s Secretary

Mrs A Hendricks

Mrs A Hendricks- Bursar

Mrs A Manuel- Bursar's Assistant

Mrs M Manuel- Bursar’s Assistant


Mr K Du Toit

Mr K Du Toit

Ground Staff

Mr F Alexander

Mr F Alexander

Mr M Mdlalo

Mr M Mdlalo

Mr M Istain

Mr M Istain

And now Meet The teachers!

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