Learner Support

Lucky Lates

The Lucky Late programme in the Foundation phase  ensures that learners who need extra support get another thirty minutes of lessons in Mathematics and English. These lessons happen after school, twice a week, for half an hour. Educators work with a group of up to 15 learners in an even more stimulating environment to improve counting, reading, phonics and creative writing. This programme has been running for years and is definitely beneficial to all the learners who are involved.

SBST – School based support team

This team addresses any issues that may hinder a child’s progress. Learners are referred by the class educator. A learner may be experiencing poor scholastic development or emotional trauma. The learner may be referred to a school psychologist, occupational therapist, social worker, play therapist, remedial organisation or speech therapist.  In most instances a consent form has to be signed by a parent or guardian and all conversations and referrals are regarded as strictly confidential.

Team Members:  Mrs Bergman ( coordinator ), Mrs Brocker, Ms Lucas and Mrs Isaacs.

Help To Read

At REPS we realise that too many learners are passing through our educational system without realising their full potential. Many battle due to poor reading skills.  In March 2009 we commenced a rewarding relationship with an organisation called Help to Read.  They provide literacy intervention twice a week for identified learners. With input from the educator and an Help to Read volunteer, we are able to enhance the child’s self-esteem, confidence and ultimately the child’s literacy level.

Coordinator: Mrs G. Bergman

Academic Support

Academic development started this year. The program is from Grade 1 to Grade 4. The aim is to see learners who need support in English and Mathematics twice a week. Those who battle to progress in both are seen Monday to Thursday. This is to improve results and self esteem. I also have enrichment classes on a Friday for those learners who need to be challenged beyond what is expected for their grade. Hopefully the child will achieve and maintain codes of 7.

Coordinator: Mrs G. Bergman

Mrs G Bergman
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