Admission Policy


  • This policy must be read in conjunction with the WCED policy for the Management of Admission and Registration of Learners at Ordinary Public Schools (circular 0026/2010)
  • Application for admission to Rondebosch East Primary is open to all with no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, culture or faith.
  • It is the purpose of this policy to maintain a constant number of learners at the school with due regard to the limited classroom space available at the school and quality of learning.

Grade1, General and Grade R Admissions

Where selection becomes necessary because the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Preference will be given to siblings, except where this is not in the best interests of the child OR the school OR the application is received late OR the application is incomplete/illegible. Although the sibling factor is taken into account, a pupil is not automatically accepted if he/she is a sibling and the family resides outside the designated zone;
  • Preference will be given to applicants to whom Rondebosch East Primary is the nearest primary school, provided that application is submitted in time (as per WCED ruling) and fully completed with the correct certified documents;
  • The capacity of the school to provide adequate quality education to applicants with special educational needs;
  • The child of age 6 turning 7 in the year of admission to school, being the compulsory school going age according to WCED guidelines will be given preference in placement at our school.
  • In Grade R, the child of age 5 turning 6 in the year of admission to school will be given preference in placement at our school.

Documents required for the admission of a learner
The Parent(s) must fully complete and sign an application form for the admission of a Learner in the form prescribed by the School.  The application form together with the additional documents described in the sub-paragraph below must be submitted in order for the application to be considered.  Incomplete applications may be disregarded.

When a parent applies for the admission of a Learner, the Parent must submit CERTIFIED COPIES of the following:

  • ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE of the learner, or proof of application for such.
  • ID DOCUMENTS OF BOTH BIOLOGICAL PARENTS\ GUARDIANS. Guardians need to provide official proof of guardianship. A death certificate is required in the event of a deceased parent.
  • PROOF OF RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS OF THE PARENT/GUARDIAN WHERE THE CHILD RESIDES, I.E. RATES ACCOUNT OR UTILITY BILL  (Please note:  Clothing Store, Cellular Bill or other similar Account statements WILL NOT be accepted as proof of address.) Official, stamped lease agreement and bank statements (NOT PAYSLIPS) may be accepted.
  • A COPY OF THE LATEST SCHOOL REPORT (WHERE APPLICABLE) or other equivalent documentation from the previous school
  • ONE RECENT ID SIZE PHOTOGRAPH OF THE LEARNER  (only on final acceptance)
  • A once off ICT payment of R1000 must be paid to confirm acceptance, the closing date for acceptance is determined by WCED.
  • Any additional documents as may be prescribed by the school, such as study permits.
  • South African inter-school transfer forms are required for Grades 2-7

A parent shall be entitled to submit together with the application, such additional documentation that may demonstrate compliance with the admission criteria.

If learners are not South African residents, a current study permit is required and the learners will only be accepted into the school if they are not taking the place of a child who is a South African citizen.

Maximum Number of learners

Based inter alia on the number of Educators and the Schools’ facilities, the School shall endeavour not to admit more than 34 learners in a class at any time. The school will endeavor to keep the ration of (50%) boys and (50%) girls as far as possible.

Waiting List

Once the desirable numbers are reached, all learners will be placed on a waiting list in the order of preference detailed below:

  • Children for whom Rondebosch East Primary is the closest school to their home
  • Learners who have / had siblings in the school
  • Children of past learners
  • All other applications

Non Acceptance

All unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing. 

The Right to Appeal

Parents have the right to appeal to the Principal or Chairperson of the Governing Body should they be dissatisfied with any admission decision determined by the school. Thereafter, they may make further representation with the WCED through our Circuit office in Maitland.

School Fees

School fees can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly in advance.  Alternatively a debit order (Highly preferred method) will be in place if fees are to be paid monthly. The school will continue in its attempt to avoid handling cash where school fees are concerned.

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