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Rondebosch East Primary School

Our vision is to provide quality holistic education.

We aim for an atmosphere of academic excellence. We have a spirit of mutual respect and acceptance among our learners from diverse cultural, racial and religious backgrounds, which also creates an air of happiness in our school. The willingness of learners to explore their full potential as well balanced young citizens is also extended into areas outside of the classrooms, i.e. the cultural and sporting opportunities available to all learners at the school.

The educational philosophy of our school will remain to be one centered on the holistic development of every individual who forms part of this institution, especially the learners.

Discover Our Teachers

Our teachers are the force that keeps our school going. They are passionate and strive to excellence in all that they do.

Well-rounded, balanced individuals is our goal.

Rondebosch East Primary School

Education is our passion. Our children are our heart.

Open Hours

Mon- Thurs: 7.30am-2pm
Fri: 7.30am – 12.30pm

These are our COVID hours and are subject to change.


4th Avenue,
Rondebosch East


(021) 697 1403