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At our school we envision learners who are well rounded, balanced individuals who have mastered key concepts, knowledge, skills and values so that they are able to meaningfully contribute to our multi-cultural society.

We set high expectations for all our learners and this is expressed in our school motto: ‘Alte Spectate’ which when translated means ‘Aim High’ Our school ethos seeks to promote the core values of Respect, Integrity and Dignity, so that all learners are able to share in a cross cultural experience that is both positive and inclusive.

Principal’s Address

At Rondebosch East Primary we are completely guided by our vision, “To provide quality holistic education”. This notion encapsulates exactly what this institution wants to achieve in terms of producing a sustainable level of excellence.

To that end we are blessed to have the quality and calibre of learners that we do. Not only is there an atmosphere of academic excellence, but the spirit of mutual respect and acceptance among learners from diverse cultural, racial and religious backgrounds also creates an air of happiness that permeates throughout the school. The willingness of learners to explore their full potential as well balanced young citizens is also extended into areas outside of the classrooms, i.e. the cultural and sporting opportunities available to all learners at the school.

The parent body fully supports the school’s vision and contribute greatly towards the achievement thereof by being part of the active mission. Not only do many of them support school events generously, conscientious parents also ensure that educational support structures are established at home so that learners can experience expanded benefit from their educational awakening during the construction of their academic foundations. Certain parents make even bigger contributions and sacrifices by serving on vital Governance, formal academic and fundraising structures. These parents are instrumental in ensuring that the growth of the school is constant and sustainable.

The school’s policy with regard to social responsibility is the guiding force behind numerous outreach programmes and partnerships in existence. We regularly engage in contributing towards deserving charitable courses. In addition,our facilities are constantly utilized by community organisations and Sports Clubs, and some partnership agreements are mutually beneficial, allowing us the opportunity to achieve certain goals that would not be within our reach without these partnerships.

Mr N Petersen

Mr N Petersen

The educational philosophy of the school will remain to be one centered on the holistic development of every individual who forms part of this institution, especially the learners.

We will continue to strive to create an environment that is conducive to achieving this goal – through the constant optimal use, improvement and upgrading of our resources, human and physical, and embrace the present in order to produce well-adjusted and educated future citizens.

We will continue to AIM HIGH – ‘Alte Spectate’

Noel Petersen