Fee Collection Policy


  • The application form must be signed by both the parents/person responsible for the account/ guardian and the school representative on the same date.
  • The name of the parents/guardian/person responsible for the account needs to be clearly printed under the signature.
  • The identity number of the parents/person responsible for the account must be clearly stated on the application form.

Declaration Form

  • The declaration formsmust be fully completed by both parents/ guardians at the start of each year.
  • A copy of the ID’s of both parents/ guardians to be submitted with the declaration form.
  • These forms must be signed by both parents/ guardians.

Fee Collection

  • Fees are always due in advance but parents/guardians can arrange for monthly or term payments within this advance policy.
  • The parent/guardian will receive monthly statements from the school as confirmation of year to date balance.
  • Fees that are unpaid will be considered in arrears, unless the parent/guardian has a written arrangement.

Step 1 : The school will attempt to contact the parent/guardian by email or telephone a maximum of three times within seven days after due date, to request forthwith payment.

Step 2 : If step 1 is unsuccessful, the parent/guardian be will sent a letter informing you that the school fee account must be settled immediately to avoid impending legal action.

Step 3: If step 2 is unsuccessful, notice of legal action will be sent to the parent/guardian immediately thereafter. The parent/ guardian will have seven days to respond after which arrears will be handed over for collection.

Legal Action 1

  • Unpaid fees will be handed over to a debt collection agency, this may lead to the parent/guardian being ‘blacklisted’. Blacklisting will affect credit ratings and will lead to the parent/guardian be flagged as a credit risk.
  • Blacklisting can be reversed as soon as the debt has been settled.
  • All costs for this process will be for the debtors account.

Legal Action 2

  • Unpaid fees will be handed to a legal firm. This will go via the court process and can lead to assets being attached by the sheriff of the court.
  • All costs for this process will be for the debtors account.

Payment Options

The following options are available to all fee paying parents:

~  Payments  may be made via Debit Order (most preferred method).

~  Payments may be made in cash directly to the Bursars.

~  Payments may be made via EFT.

~  Swipe card facilities for debit or credit cards available at the Bursars Office.

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