Reps Covid Info

At the moment the School Management Team (COVID Committee) is in the process of planning for 6 July when five more grades will come to school. We have done the following:
The classes were divided in two groups – a Blue and a Red group. These groups will come to school on alternate days e.g. Group Blue will come on Monday, Wednesday, Friday of Week 1 and on Tuesday, Thursday on Week 2. Group Red will come on Tuesday, Thursday of Week 1 and Monday, Wednesday, Friday of Week 2. They will do work on the days that they are at school and they will receive work to do on the days that they are at home. The work done at home will then be dealt with first on the next day at school. That way two weeks of work will be dealt with over a period of two weeks.
This process was decided on in order to not have more than 50% of our learners at school at any given time. The safety of our learners and staff is of paramount importance.

  • The learners will NOT share desks
  • The break times will be staggered
  • We grouped siblings together to come to school on the same days
  • We took the weather into account and has already planned for rainy days
  • Different entrances will be used in the mornings (More detailed information will be supplied closer to the time)
  • More staff will be doing duty to ensure social distancing

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