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Examination Timetable

Exams are around the corner, let’s give it our all!

Examination Timetable Nov 2019

Grades 4-7

    Grades 4 – 6 Grades 7
    08:30 – 10:10 8:30 – 10:10/or 10:30
Wednesday 30 Oct English Creative Writing English Creative Writing
Thursday 31 Oct Afrikaanse Kreatiewe Skryfwerk Afrikaanse Kreatiewe Skryfwerk
Tuesday 05 Nov REVISION DAY (compulsory attendance) Mathematics               (2h)
Wednesday 06 Nov REVISION DAY (compulsory attendance) Afrikaans. Begrip, Taalstudie en Literatuurstudie   (1h30)    
Thursday 07 Nov Mathematics (1h30) English. Comprehension, Language and Literature (2h) 
Friday 08 Nov Afrikaans. Begrip, Taalstudie (1h) Natural Sciences       (1h15)
Monday 11 Nov English. Comprehension, Language (1h) History                          (1h15)
Tuesday 12 Nov NST                   (1h) EMS                               (1h30)
Wednesday 13 Nov Geography       (1h) Geography                   (1h15)
Thursday 14 Nov History              (1h) Technology                  (1h15)
Friday 15 Nov PSW                   (1h) LO/A&C                       (1H15)

Please click on the links below to download the applicable grade’s examination scope:

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