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Word Wizard Panel 2022

What an AWESOME school community we serve!! A very heart-felt THANK YOU to every parent, grandparent and family friend who supported our children with this project. We have not only had the school abuzz with WORDS and healthy competition, but we have also raised much needed funds for our school.  CONGRATULATIONS to every child who returned a completed collecting list. I am immensely proud of every child who entered the competition, those who obtained 100% for Round One, those who were later eliminated and also of those who made the Top 5 final afternoon round.  It was nail-biting to say the least.

Our REPS Stars

The Top 3 classes are:  First place: Mrs Roman (Miss Green), Second:  Miss Bester, Third: Mrs Thomas. WELL DONE to every teacher and child. All 3 classes have won a special prize.

TOP COLLECTORS FOR 2022 First: Tyler Solomons in Grade 3TR, who completed an outstanding 13 lists! Second: Jared Gordon in Grade 2FB close on his heels with 11 lists. Third: Logan Brookes in Grade 1FA, who completed an impressive 7 lists. What a superb effort!


 An event of this magnitude is only made possible by the kind-heartedness of our sponsors. REPS would like to individually thank STAT stationers and Bargain Books for their kind donation of books. Our children will continue to benefit from your donation.

The success of this event is due to the effort and contribution of every parent, child and teacher.

Your support is sincerely appreciated. On this note, WORD WIZARD 2022 has come to a close. We look forward to another super Word Wizard in 2023.

Please click to view the Word Wizard photographs below.

Our Annual Word Wizard Spelling Bee takes place in the third term. Each of our learners find sponsors for themselves to take part in the Word Wizard competition. In the Final Round of the competition, we come back to school in the evening for the official Spelling Bee. The top 5 spellers in each grade take part. Here are some pictures of our top spellers enjoying their Final Round of Word Wizard:

Word Wizard Panel 2021

Contestants 2021

Winners of 2021

Past Word Wizard

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