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As part of the enrichment program at REPS our students have the opportunity to take part in various outside competitions to help develop them into well rounded adults. Following are some of the competitions we take part in.

Horizon Mathematics Competition

For the previous four years our school has competed in the Horizon Mathematics Competition which was targeting grade 6 and 7 learners. The entrants are local, National and International. This year they aim to reach over 30000 learners to share the joy of Mathematics all together.

First round took place at our school on the 20th March 2015. Learners who attain 50% and higher in the first round qualify for the second round. The second round took place on Saturday, 9th May 2015 at Star College Cape Town.

‘Rondebosch East Primary pupils competing in round 2 of the prestigious Horizon Mathematics Competition.’

IMG-20150511-WA0001 IMG-20150511-WA0002

Coordinator: Mr C Manasse


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  1. wow my school is filled with fun competitions activities, it always keeps me filled with excitement to see what’s next

  2. there are lots of cool ‘n fun activities at my AWESOME SCHOOL!!!

  3. If you are looking for the best school for your child it is my school. My school is so fun! Check out our grade 6 and 7 camps!

  4. lathi and yathi

    REPS is definitely one of the best schools I started at REPS in 2006 in grade R and had a wonderful experience I was in the choir and doing dance. My highlights in REPS were our grade 7 tour and prom night I even cried when I heard my last bell ring

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