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Community Outreach

Teddy Bears!

In the 4th term of 2012 the school collected hundreds of Teddy Bears from the learners. With the help of a parent, Mrs Beaton, we found homes for all of the Teddies. A group of Grade 7 learners helped hand out a number of these Teddies to a crèche in an informal settlement next to Pelican Park, for there end of year party.

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National Institute for the Deaf, click on the image for their website or to make your own donation!

Change for Change!

We are also partnering to collect money in boxes in a project called Change for Change. This money then goes to the National Institute for the Deaf, which is in turn put to use for the education, empowerment and employment of persons who are hearing impaired.

Happy Birthday Madiba!

In an effort to take part in the “67 minutes for Mandela” on Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18 July 2013, we collected sandwiches from all our students and gave them to people less fortunately circumstanced than ourselves.

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Reading Book Drive

Date: 29 – 16 August 2013

REPS runs an annual project, whereby all learners are encouraged to partake in a reading book drive. All old (good,legible reading material for school goers) can be sent to school. Books will be donated to an underprivileged school within close proximity of our community. It runs concurrently with our ANNUAL WORD WIZARD fundraiser.



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