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Learner Code of Conduct

1.   Preamble

Rondebosch East Primary School strives to be amongst the foremost educational institutions in the holistic development and training of all the children in South Africa in partnership with the broader community.

It aspires to uphold and develop a well-balanced and responsible child and future adult by instilling a sense of: Pride, Tolerance and Mutual Respect, Self-Discipline and  Self-Confidence.

2.   Aim of our “Code of Conduct”.

The aim of this “Code of Conduct” is to establish a disciplined and purposeful environment to facilitate effective teaching and learning at Rondebosch East Primary School.

This code sets out positive disciplinary procedures to facilitate constructive learning as well as recognising excellence through our merit system.

3.   Learner responsibilities:

– respect adults/ educators and peers.

– respect school and class rules.

–  complete schoolwork & homework.

–  protect & respect school property.

– attend school regularly.

4.   Parent responsibilities:

– support the school by seeing that learner’s respect school rules & regulations.

– accept responsibility for learner actions.

– take an active interest in the learner’s education and well being.

– note and respond to all communication from the school as and when required.

– form a relationship with the school in order to facilitate healthy communication structures.

6.   Educator responsibilities:

– being consistent and fair in the application of the “Code of Conduct”.

– act in accordance with  the regulations contained within the Employment of Educators Act 76/1998.

7.  Merit System:

– Recognises excellence in  academic, sport, cultural and  behavioural spheres.

– Badges are received when 25/ 50/ 75/ 100  merits are attained.

– A special ceremony is conducted at the achievement of 100 merits at the Friday assembly with parents.

8.   Dress Code:

Official School Uniform


White short sleeved shirt

Grey trousers (long/short)

Long grey socks

Black lace up shoes


White long sleeved shirt

School tie

Maroon tunic/ full tracksuit

Long grey socks/black stockings

Black school shoes (lace up or straps)


Boys' Winter Uniform

Boys’ Winter Uniform


White short sleeved shirt

School tie

Grey trousers (long/short)

Long grey socks

Black lace up shoes



Girls' Winter Uniform

Girls’ Winter Uniform

White short sleeved shirt

Maroon dress

Maroon briefs

School jersey/ tracksuit top

Short white socks

Black school shoes (lace up or straps)


Girls' Winter Tracksuit

Girls’ Winter Tracksuit

No jewellery to be worn to school. Girls are allowed to wear sleepers or studs.

There is an official tog bag for use at all sporting events.

There is an official sports cap in maroon that is worn by learners participating in Summer Sports. No other cap may be worn.

There is an official rain jacket and beanie in maroon for wearing on rainy days.

No other jacket or cap may be worn.

Contraventions of the dress code will be addressed through the corrective measures,  listed below.

9.   Corrective Categories:

Our disciplinary categories are divided into categories 1/2/3 and X.

Category X –  immediate detention.

Category 1 –  one warning before corrective measures are enforced.

Category 2  – two warnings before corrective measures are enforced.

Category 3  – three warnings before corrective measures are enforced.

If a learner committed the same offence as stipulated s/he will receive a disciplinary letter stating his or her punishment.

10.   Corrective Measures:

The following corrective measures will be taken for those learners not conforming to the set  requirements:

-Verbal warnings from educators/ principal.

– Detention.

– Performing community work.

– Agreed affordable compensation.

– Replacement of damaged property.

– Suspension from school activities – class, sport, cultural.

– Counselling by outside expert at the parent’s cost.

11.   Corrective Measures explained:

Verbal Warnings:

Discussion between learner and educator or principal.


Parents are informed if learners return disciplinary letters unsigned or not at all.

Those attending DT have to receive the letter the Wednesday prior to the date of detention. If a detention is referred on a Thursday or a Friday, the parent must be telephonically informed as well as by letter.

Those missing the hour of DT for any reason will be fined an additional detention.

If a learner spends at least 3 times in DT in a calendar year s/he may be given a Saturday detention or a meeting will be arranged with the principal, parent, teacher and learner.


Community Work:

If a pupil has committed offences related to the spoiling of our school environment, s/he will perform this task. This may entail tasks such as picking up litter, sweeping, washing windows and dusting.


This may be done by an outside expert if the learner’s behaviour is out of the norm or the ability for an educator to deal with. Parents may be asked to bear the cost of any fees charged by professional counsellors.


General poor behaviour or unsatisfactory approach to  schoolwork as well as category X offences may lead to a disciplinary hearing with the Disciplinary Committee.

Suspension occurs after the learner and parent has been informed about a hearing and the transgressions at least 5 days prior to the meeting.

The learner may be suspended from school activities for no longer than a week.

The learner has the right to receive learning material missed while serving his /her suspension.

A written commitment by parent/learner needs to be made with regard to the learners future conduct at school as well as which steps will be taken by the parents to ensure that a repeat of the irregular conduct does not occur.


May occur after at least three suspensions have been served in a calendar year, or if the nature of the offence is severe. This will be done in compliance with the SASA and after consultation with the Head of Education.


13.   Serious misconduct and breaches of our country’s laws:

This will be referred to the SAPS for investigation.

14.   Disciplinary Committee:

This is a sub-committee designated by the SGB to perform the task of holding disciplinary hearings.

Parents will be informed in writing at least 5 days prior to a disciplinary hearing being called for them to attend.

The parent must inform the school whether they will be represented by an attorney at least three days before the hearing.

15.   Learner Rights:

– be informed and  understand the charges – at least 5 days prior to hearing.

– have the opportunity to give his/her side of the story.

– may have legal counsel/ or be represented by a parent/guardian/educator.

– be heard by impartial people.

– be treated with dignity.

– be informed in writing by the SGB about guilt or not and the penalty to be imposed.

– have the right to appeal to the Head of Education.


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